Are you asking why you should choose the EGYPT company Yilmaz Redüktör

For more than fifty-seven years, the Turkish company Yilmaz Redoctor has maintained its leadership as the gearbox manufacturers and producers in Turkey and has played a major role in the development and prosperity of the Turkish industry and in more than sixty-nine countries around the world. It was able to market its products, which proved to be of great quality and reliability with many industrialists in the major industrialized countries.

It has taken a large place within the European Union

(Germany – France – England _…..etc) and as it enters the Egyptian market today to share with the Egyptian industrialists their success and to be partners within the Arab Republic of Egypt, going with them side by side and contributing with the Egyptians by building close foundations of cooperation and success

Working within the highest environmental standards and developing work systems in a way that contributes to limiting harm to the environment
Our goal is to achieve a sustainable relationship with our clients by understanding their requirements and meeting them with the highest standards and quality.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of the world and major companies in establishing and developing relationship with our customers.